Monday, 4 November 2013

What is your personality type indicator?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Doing the test can helps you in understand yourself better and clarify your work preferences so that you can set career goals on your natural inclinations as suggested in the book 10 Career Essentials: Excel at Your Career by Using Your Personality Type.

You can take a free test on Humanmetrics.

This is my result.

It seems that I am a INFJ type of person that is the most rare of all the types (1% of population). I am quite impressed about the description of this type as, in some way, I recognize myself in it.

In particular the following is somewhat true about me:

  • They put a lot of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done, and constantly define and re-define the priorities in their lives.
  • The INFJ is as genuinely warm as they are complexINFJs hold a special place in the heart of people who they are close to, who are able to see their special gifts and depth of caring
  • INFJs are concerned for people's feelings, and try to be gentle to avoid hurting anyone
  • They are very sensitive to conflict, and cannot tolerate it very well.
  • INFJ is a perfectionist who doubts that they are living up to their full potential
  • INFJs are rarely at complete peace with themselves - there's always something else they should be doing to improve themselves and the world around them
  • They believe in constant growth, and don't often take time to revel in their accomplishments. 
  • They have strong value systems, and need to live their lives in accordance with what they feel is right.
  • INFJs are in some ways gentle and easy goingConversely, they have very high expectations of themselves, and frequently of their families. They don't believe in compromising their ideals.
  • INFJ is a natural nurturer; patient, devoted and protective.
  • Many excel in the sciences, where they make use of their intuition.
  • They are capable of great depth of feeling and personal achievement.
For more info:

I have the same type as Mohandas Gandhi and Eleanor Roosevelt. It is probably not coincidental that the book The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living is one of my favourite books.

What is your personality type indicator?


  1. I have got to try and the result is:
    ENFP - Extravert(56%) iNtuitive(12%) Feeling(38%) Perceiving(11)%
    * You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (56%)
    * You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (12%)
    * You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (38%)
    * You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (11%)

    We are so different :-)

    1. Interesting :) This is your description

      I can recognise you here: "ENFPs work best in situations where they have a lot of flexibility, and where they can work with people and ideas. Many go into business for themselves. They have the ability to be quite productive with little supervision, as long as they are excited about what they're doing."... "They have a strong need to be independent, and resist being controlled or labelled. They need to maintain control over themselves, but they do not believe in controlling others. "... "They live in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things. Their enthusiasm lends them the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than we see in other types."


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