Top Coder

Math Olympiad (Archimede's Games)

  • 4° Rank- First year (High School)
  • 2° Rank - Second year (High School),  Participated to provincial games
  • 27° Rank- Third year (High School)
  • 1° Rank - Four year (High School), 2° in provincial games
  • 2° Rank - Fifth year (High School)

Informatics Olympiad 2002/2003 (AICA)

  • First in the institute (High School)
  • First in the region Liguria
  • Bronze Medal at the National Competition

Turing Machine Competition (University of Pisa)

  • Participation with Antonelli Simone (Not classified)

Mathematic Games - Università Bocconi

  • La Spezia 2005 - Semifinals Category L2 - 2° Rank
  • Pontedera 2008 - Semifinals Category GP - (Not classified)

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