Thursday, 6 December 2012

Top Coder Problem - Boxing

TopCoder is an amazing platform to challenge yourself.

I decided to start posting my solutions to problems with the following purposes:
  • Stimulate myself to practice more
  • Stimulate my friends to solve the problem
  • Stimulate my friends to join TopCoder and challenge themselves
  • Compare and contrast different solutions
  • TopCoder only accepts solution written in C# 2.0
  • The problem statement is the exclusive and proprietary property of TopCoder. You need to login to see it.

TopCoder Problem:

This problem was used for:
2004 TCO Online Round 3 - Division I, Level One

My solution:


My solution is an usage example of the Greedy Algorithm Design Paradigm.

What is your solution?

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  1. Hey, can you please clarify as to why you've compares against each judge's vote array lengths?


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