Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hands-on: Introduction to TDD

Yesterday, I participated to the "Hands-On: Introduction to TDD" event organized by the Cambridge Software Craftsmanship community.

I paired with a C# guy and we tried to apply TDD principles in order to solve a toy problem but after one hour we didn't get too further. After that we had a interesting discussion sharing our feelings about TDD in general, how to approach it and what are the advantages and the disadvantages.

This is a picture taken in the middle of our coding activity :)

This is a summary of what I learnt:

  • TDD is hard and it is difficult to find a master of TDD
  • TDD is impossible to learn using a toy problem
    • What is the simplest but complex enough problem to solve that allows to understand the power of TDD?
  • I have to learn more about ReSharper!
    • My mate was much more quicker than me :)
Regardless of TDD, I believe that the most useful element in order to become a better professional is pair programming. It is extremely useful to see different approaches in solving problems, different ways of working, different tools, different shortcuts and so on. 

I am looking forward to do more pair programming in the future!

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