Friday, 24 February 2012

DotNetToscana 2012 Spring Events

In this post, I would like to announce the next events organised by my .NET community in Italy called DotNetToscana.
The next 17th March 2012 there will be the "Windows Phone 7 3D Lab". In this lab, Nicola Baldi is introducing how to develop a 3D game in XNA using the Windows Phone platform. During the lab, a simple but real game will be created step by step in order to learn all the main important aspects of creating a game. The event will be in Pisa, Italy. You can find more information on the DotNetToscana official website.

In April 19th, instead, there will be an important event in collaboration with Microsoft called Start Something! Tour – Windows 8 e Windows Phone 7.5. This day is created for people that want to create and test their applications on Windows Phone (in partnership with Nokia) and/or on Windows 8 Tablets. This is not a step by step lab, but a way to bring passionate developers together and build awesome software with the help of the Microsoft experts and the DotNetToscana stuff members. You can find more information on the DotNetToscana official website.

We have already an idea for an event in May but it is too early to say something... stay tuned :)
I am constantly giving my contribution in order to make these events a success but I am a little sad that I will not be able to participate this time. As you know, I am now living in UK and I can't always be present to all of our events. Anyway, I am very proud to be part of this growing community and I am sure that over time will become the reference point for .NET professionals in Tuscany.


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