Sunday, 29 January 2012

Unlimited Internet and my new Android device

Yesterday, I finally solved an important problem.

As many of you know, I am living in UK while my girlfriend live partially here and partially in Italy. We tend to stay quite in touch with each other but this costs me a lot of money. Unfortunately there are no telephone companies with offers on text between countries.

The solution? Unlimited Mobile Internet.

We started from the following situation:
  • I have a vodafone italian card without Internet access
  • I have a Windows Phone 7 device (LG Optimus 7)
  • She has a vodafone italian card without Internet access
  • She hasn't a smart phone
We decided to move to 3 and get two UK Sim cards with unlimited Internet and the offer with two android devices (two years plan). I could simply buy the Sim card and using my Windows Phone but the price was almost similar. I choose an Android device because it was silly to me to have two Windows Phones.

The situation is now:
  • We both have a smart phone with Android
    (Sony Ericsson XPERIA)
  • I have a Windows Phone 7 device with my Italian Sim card
  • We both have Unlimited Internet in UK
  • We both have lots of text and calls for free every month
  • I reduced my telephone costs of more than 50%
Yesterday, I played all the day with my new phone :)

Having Unlimited Internet is awesome. You feels like the entire world is in your hand.

Fantastic !!!

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